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Builder Relocation

Why let your lease keep you from a new home?

Purchase a home now WITHOUT waiting for your lease to end!

Let us tell you how…

The Builder Relocation Program

  • Enables you to begin contracting with the builder right away regardless of the number of months remaining on your lease.*
  • You can take advantage of current pricing and builder incentives available in today’s “Real Estate Market”.
  • You and your family can move into your new home TODAY!

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Contract with builder.

2. Meet with your relocation representative.

3. Start packing!


  • Stop paying rent.
  • Build equity in Real Estate.
  • Utilize tax deductions.
  • Give your family a sense of serenity.
  • Own your own home and invest in the American Dream.

The Builder Relocation Program provides you with the flexibility to purchase a new home when you are ready to buy instead of waiting until the expiration of your lease. This allows you, the New home buyer, to be relieved of you obligation on your current lease without the fear of ruining your credit or losing your deposit with the landlord. You can take advantage of today’s low interest rates and loan programs available along with any builder incentives offered today.